Come for the yoga. Stay for the family


Retreat with us?

We aim to bring out the very best in you be it wellbeing, super health rejuvenation, joy and revamp your glamorous self.


Venues are Lavish, Private, Welcoming.


Our yoga sessions take place in welcoming comfortable spaces even our yoga apparel is a little bit sexy.


Meditations are warm tranquil beautifully lit with soft glow fairy lights and aromatherapy scents and candles to free your mind to relax into peace and tranquility.


The menus are organic, nutritious a festival of colours and excellent tastes.


Our highly trained experts and hosts are ahead of the rest with their empowering confidence and visually strong outlook on life.


You will be motivated and feel empowered ready to face anything.

We give you back yourself a little stronger more flexible a new uplifted serene and confident self.

We look forward to welcoming you soon,
The Retreat People


Our Story

‘The Retreat People’ was originally founded by Oliver and Lucy, a like-minded couple who, after many years of traveling the world, decided to open a holistic eco-farm in Ibiza. Together, they explored countless therapies to enrich life and find oneself. From the novel & new to the ancient & old, each experience connected them with therapeutists and healers around the world. ‘The Retreat People’ is a family of soul brothers and sisters, committed to sharing their talents and experiences with others on the spiritual path through authentic curated experiences in beautiful natural settings. Enhance, inspire and change for the better.

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