Ever just wanted to stand up and scream?

Ever just wanted to stand up and scream: we have the solution. For the next 5 minutes do this: Stretch your arms up to the sky and bring them back down in a circle, keep this going. At the same time breathe in as your raise  hold for 4 counts and exhale as you lower, if your on your own exhale with a sound(we like arrgghh) Voila feeling refreshed? Now continue your day.

With 2019 around the corner we have spent the last 6 months putting together some mouth watering retreats with specific focuses. 

Collaborations with House of Voga think madonnas vogue and great dance tunes! Fab for weight loss and stamina!

Jaqueline Purnell collaboration years of experience teaching all levels of Vinyasa yoga Jaqueline will have you whittling your waist and streaming those hips in no time!

A super exciting 1st retreat  collaboration in the UK and France  with a gynaecologist and nutritionalist on board, yes professionals in their field  who can tell you what is going on  before, during and post childbirth. 

Are you a 1st, 2nd 3rd or 4th time mum in need of some support, want to be around people in the same situation you can share with? We have the retreat for you! An educational, supportive, refreshing retreat with focus on family, weight loss and self empowerment. 

Question what’s your alternative therapy go to?-- 

Oliver Walker