Life Coaching, Chakra Flow Therapy,Crystal Healing, Massage and Meditation.

Feeling out of sorts, set in a negative head space, not sure what your next move is, cannot move through day to day obstacles without feeling overwhelmed?

Everyone has so much power waiting to be unleashed in the right direction; sometimes, you need a little push to realize your potential. A life coach comes in just at the right moment!

Looking at life you realise it's hard it's a challenge it keeps pushing. The result of this can be anxiety-ridden days often very overwhelming or stuck in a rut, confused, and impossible to see the potential to change. We continue to carry on with this pressure mounting.

Get your life back on track.

It's easy to sit back into what you know, good habits forgotten, life wishes ignored. We are often so set in our ways fearful of change and ingrained in the daily grind, it's hard to see the wood for the trees. It's quite tough to digest the possibilities to fathom where to go next. A Life Coach can help!

About 20 years ago, I had a boss who saw something wanted to help me realise and achieve it. She took me on with minimal experience in the industry and showed me how to get where I did by mentoring me from afar. She showed me how with proper planning, setting my own goals and objectives, following her example by making work fun for all. Investing in the people around me, how to get a team to work with me, believing in myself I could achieve greatness. I started as an assistant manager in the North of the UK, and I went on to make one of the most significant makeup brands concessions number 1 in the world. It sounds crazy, but it's true with a great mentor and someone guiding you, goals are achieved.

I can list dozens of reasons why Life Coaching can transform your ability, how you approach life, and what you can get out of it. A life coach is there for you; you don't have to impress them; they are there during the most difficult and the happiest of times. To guide you through, to see things with different eyes and achieve your wishes and dreams. A life coach will help you follow through your set goals; coaching is not just about setting goals but seeing them to fruition.

Life coaches are great at showing you how to organise your life, allowing space for self-empowerment and getting a grip on what you want to achieve — limiting beliefs holding you back? With a life coach at your side, you can abolish these beliefs and make new positive life-affirming changes.

You don't know where to begin; a life coach helps you. Setting big goals alone can feel overwhelming, hard to set clear goals, to not beat yourself up, which in turn makes you feel helpless, and you give up.

Life Coaches look through your day to day, month to month life and help you to set out clear directives that work around your schedule. Work, home, social life, and add goals into the mix could give you some of the most anxious thoughts ever. How am I going to fit it all in?

A fresh set of eyes clearer perspective and getting help from a life coach is integral in helping you remove the anxiety, limitations that are holding you back. Are your life finances, career, or business a jumble? A Life Coach can help you through some of these difficult times, whether it's your health finances, career, or relationships they can guide you through these complexities.

Whatever the uncertain time ahead a Life Coach can support you through these foggy days to brighter ones. Improving your life, and realising good habits, getting rid of bad habits, can significantly enhance your experience in so many ways.

Loved ones are sometimes fearful of your new-found zest for life, and the support falters. Your Life coaches support will always be there your success may change your loved one's reactions to you and make them want to make changes too.

All in all, a positive can be found!

Life coaches are invaluable in guiding you through life's challenges. If your feeling like all hope is lost, your life career or dreams are not being fulfilled, or you can't get through your morning routine, then you need to come on a Rebalance You Retreat!

We give you a completely supportive experience in a tranquil lavish venue. You will receive daily deep tissue profoundly relaxing massage and healing crystal therapy and inspiring all the senses meditation — fantastic locally sourced menus, set to fabulous music a warm and welcoming team at your disposal.



Personal Rebalance Method Session. Your coach will guide you and give you the freedom to share in a safe non judgemental space. Releasing your blocked energy finding the root of your unbalance working with your chakras and crystals to balance and settle the mind. As your Coach works through your body crystals will be placed to aid healing, removal of negative energy leaving you with an open mind, to set your own goals for the coming 6 months

To speed the healing and positive process you will be given an hour long profoundly relaxing energy flow massage.

Continuing the positive energy flow a safe environment to feel free and let go. Guided with Sound, Sense and Smell you will be taken on a journey of self, unlocking your mind, feeling your senses acutely, understanding its ok to stop and be still. Meditations will be conducted after sundown in the open air, weather permitting.

Following on group sharing session, here we work through your safe zone and move you into removing limitations and gently working you towards your goals for the next 6 months. Group discussion allowing you to share.Your coach will guide you through any obstacles you may feel will arise, to help you know, and feel you have all of the resources you need within you.

Your second Personal Rebalance Method therapy- your Coach will fine tune your chakras using and advising crystals for strength and self care, continuing with Relaxing Energy Flow Massage Sound, Sense and Smell Meditation.

Evaluation of your time and experience, Continued support by email, Priority access to future Rebalance You Retreats.