Rebalance You Method

Life Coaching, Chakra & Crystal Healing


Feeling out of sorts, set in a negative head space, not sure what your next move is, cannot move through day to day obstacles without feeling overwhelmed?


If this sounds familiar and you wish to shake these feelings we have the starting blocks for you to discover your potential in a safe relaxed atmosphere.


Personal Rebalance Method Session. Your coach will guide you and give you the freedom to share in a safe non judgemental space. Releasing your blocked energy finding the root of your unbalance working with your chakras and crystals to balance and settle the mind. As your Coach works through your body crystals will be placed to aid healing, removal of negative energy leaving you with an open mind, to set your own goals for the coming 6 months

To speed the healing and positive process you will be given an hour long profoundly relaxing energy flow massage.

Continuing the positive energy flow a safe environment to feel free and let go. Guided with Sound, Sense and Smell you will be taken on a journey of self, unlocking your mind, feeling your senses acutely, understanding its ok to stop and be still. Meditations will be conducted after sundown in the open air, weather permitting.

Following on group sharing session, here we work through your safe zone and move you into removing limitations and gently working you towards your goals for the next 6 months. Group discussion allowing you to share.Your coach will guide you through any obstacles you may feel will arise, to help you know, and feel you have all of the resources you need within you.

Your second Personal Rebalance Method therapy- your Coach will fine tune your chakras using and advising crystals for strength and self care, continuing with Relaxing Energy Flow Massage Sound, Sense and Smell Meditation.

Evaluation of your time and experience, Continued support by email, Priority access to future Rebalance You Retreats.