Our kitchen chefs create inspiring delicious menus for the past eight years, providing a nutritional and varied range. We also cater for Vegetarian and Vegan diets, even if you only eat vegetarian once or twice a week your body and mind will thank you for it. Using organic locally sourced produce flavours and techniques from all over the world.

Our vision is for a healthier happier future for all.

"If we really 'are what we eat,' then inspiring guests to explore healthier options and enjoy authentic, restorative, home-made meals, is indeed our priority. Modern-day living leaves us spoilt for choice, with quick-fix, highly processed foods that make us sluggish and often compromise our bodies most important but fragile systems. With a background in pop-up restaurants and coming from a family of gastronomic cooks, our passion for real food is infectious.

"We pack our menus full of nutrients; all meals are from scratch. Life is BUSY, sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get creative in the kitchen again and to learn some quick tips and tricks to help you prepare ahead."


We aim to be as Eco and Bio friendly as possible. It is an integral part of our ethos to continue to help save the planet.

At the venue, and in our own homes, we continue to plant bee-friendly plants, such as Lavender native to France. We are fortunate to have a well-stocked kitchen garden and access to local growers and artisan markets.

We use little or no plastic; we recycle constantly feeding the compost heap and recycling any bottles, cans, and cardboard.

We use Bio friendly cleaning products, and all of the toiletries we provide are by local artisans using products from the area.

Being Green is fundamental for all of our survival. 


All of our menus are Nutritionally balanced, satisfying, healthy and a little naughty, a delight for the soul.

Sample Menus

Breakfast Salad

Lightly steamed spinach, toasted kale & mushrooms,

Topped with poached eggs, Avocado slices, Salted tomatoes,

Pomegranate, mustard and olive oil dressing.


Parmesan, caramelised onion, broccoli, almond crust quiche,

Garlic, ginger and coconut greens,

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato salad, Basil pesto dressing

Seasonal fruit, pistachio ice cream


Thyme mushroom soup

Spiced broccoli and carrot slaw


Courgette spaghetti lightly tossed in Olive Oil.

Balsamic oven roasted tomatoes, mushroom vegetable ragu

Crushed walnut parmesan


Coconut mocha mousse

Almond coconut cookie

Sample Menu

Poached eggs with chanterelles,

violet garlic, on portobello mushrooms,

garlic hazelnut crumble and blackberries.


Homemade breads, award winning preserves.
A full selection of herbal and regular teas, fresh ginger and turmeric, matcha and freshly brewed coffee.



Celeriac and parsnip mouse with toasted pumpkin seeds, creme fraiche and chives.
Goats cheese, fig salad with local Correzian honey drizzle
Dressed leaves in a passion fruit vinaigrette

Tarragon Chicken

Smashed potatoes with parsley and chives
Steamed French green beans

Vegetarian option-

Courgette, tomato and aubergine stack, broken pistachio crumble
Smashed potatoes with parsley and chives
Steamed French green beans

Cheese board with iced grapes and fresh orange slices
Homemade breads
Cucumber and fruit waters



Selection of teas
All the fruit cake with coconut and marmalade crunch top

Festival of nuts covered in 70% dark chocolate



Gazpacho cup

with goats cheese crouton,

smashed salsa verde

Cod fillets in capers, butter and lemon

Roasted new potato with sage leaves
Broccoli with garlic and olive oil

Salted caramel pecan pie

Frozen berries & ginger crisp
Organic Red, Rose and white wine is optional at dinner